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Movie Review: Chrysalis - October Horror Fest (3)

Chrysalis is a boring movie. I must I didn't enjoy at all. The movie follows two people (a couple) as they try to live in a post apocalyptic world several decades into the future.  That part was interesting. Usually with zombie apocalypses we follow right after or sometime in the future (Walking dead per example). But on this several decades have passed...

They meet some other people, they dwell on who to save and the movie focus more on that - on the social interactions between the survivors. 

But alas, the movie don't evolve that much. It could have been made in 40 minutes or less and spare alot of visual pain. First because it seems they are always in the same place and secondly because they spent a lot of time with pointless walking and talking...

I disliked every character...

Fun Spoiler Facts
- Two Main Characters
- There was a sex scene with some boobs for 5/6.

- Not an Happy Ending - Only one of the characters survive.

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