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ANIME REVIEW: Hetalia Season 1 to 6 (Winter 2009 to Summer 2015)

Hetalia is a comedy show that really made an impact on me. Basically the idea behind Hetalia is a 5/6m episodic story where the characters are countries like Italy; Germany; France and so on.

They really hit the mark with the characteristics of the European countries and myself being one  really enjoy it. Unfortunately there isn't a Portugal but that's okay. The characteristics they give Germany people, italian, french, english and so on is very accurate.

Each episode deals with a situation that happened mainly on Europe and then there are some that involve USA; Japan & China. Italy as our main character (there are two italy) is very funny. Germany is by far the best one. 

Most episodes are very funny and deal with some common events on Europe but also deal with some more unknown events (some seem to be taken from some pinky magazine). Each season focus on a particular timeline timeline  but more commonly is set on XX century. 

Germany is my favorite character (Ukraine followi…

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